A Bloodline Contrition

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A Bloodline Contrition has had many names and many faces. Begining with original members Chris and Adrain, this band has gone through a lot of changes this past year. Adding two very important members of the band, Luis and Dennis once again they were given the chance to excel and push their capability of making music to the next level. Having gone through another recent loss of a band member only leads them to believe that bigger and better things are yet to come. This band will satisfy your need for a good two steppin' or just to sit and listen. The band would like to thank all the people who have helped to get them where they are today, (you know who you guys/girls are)! Keep an eye out for the Blood boys cause they are just getting started!!!

Contact Info:

Email- thriceallie@msn.com

Phone- 323-646-2561


Email- triXcoreproductiongs@yahoo.com




Free Free

"A Bloodline Contrition" Self-Titled EP Coming Late November


1. Stop Its Suicide

2. Vs. Reality

3. Glorified War

4. Medievil Slaughter

5. New Untitled Song